About us


MedicalTravel is as a health tourism agency since 2006.

MedicalTravel aims at meeting the treatment requirement you’ve desired at the highest quality in terms of medical and organization in Turkey. This purpose can also be combined with a trip to many different cities of Turkey.

Our vision

That you are pleased with our services and with the quality of your surgery is of primary importance for us. Your happiness and health before, after and during the surgery are very important to us. We do not offer any service that we are not sure 100 per cent.

Why MedicalTravel?

  • We are experts on health tourism to Turkey.
  • Our years of experience offer a perfect process.
  • Hundreds of satisfied patients benefited from our services.
  • Thanks to our all-inclusive organization from A to Z, all you have to do is to enjoy your treatment.
  • You also benefit from our support after the surgery, as well. We are always there for you.
  • We offer pre examinations in Europe that no other company offers.
  • Co-operation with the best hospitals in Turkey is a natural company policy for us.
  • We offer original price guarantee: a free and nonbinding consultancy
    Our priority is human. Please enjoy our personalized and sincere consultancy services.
  • Through post-surgery satisfaction surveys, we attain a constantly improving high quality.

MedicalTravel founder and CEO Serdar Karaagacli

Ethical Standards in Health Tourism

  • In terms of health, we make no concessions on quality.
  • Your treatment is the most important thing. And visiting cities is a secondary benefit in this case.
  • We never make unserious promises.
  • We do not put pressure on you to convince for a surgery as well as to lead you towards one.

Our goal is to grant your wish for “a better life” with a treatment in an extraordinarily beautiful world Cities of Turkey by offering a medical and organizational high quality.

Our mission: excellence in services!