Body lifting




Lifting saggy arms is a method where the upper arm is lifted via surgical methods. It is a completely aesthetic operation and therefore it has to be performed by an experienced surgeon. The reason for lifting saggy arms is the surplus skin causing a saggy and wrinkled look, this surplus skin becomes visible on the inner upper arm when the arm is lifted up 90 degrees. This deformation results in psychological problems and is caused by below factors:

  • age related sagging
  • naturally weak collagen tissue
  • Obesity (fattiness)
  • losing too much weight

The operations for arm and leg lifting are carefully performed in Turkey.

Upper arm lifting is applied when the liposuction is not satisfactory due to sagging skin.

Pre-surgical period

As it is a completely aesthetic operation, the patient must be informed about possible complications, side effects and related incidents in detail. Although the surgery has advantages in terms of lifting and reshaping, it may also leave long scars.

The course of the surgery

In addition to other special techniques, removal of fusiform incisions from skin or tissue is the easiest application method for upper arm lifting and reshaping surgeries. Surgical technique may need to be adapted due to individual anatomical features, which may slightly vary from person to person. This depends on the surgeon’s experience.

This medical intervention is generally applied via local anaesthesia however complete anaesthesia is also available upon request. The incision is usually inside the sulcus bicipitalis medialis that has natural line due to upper arm muscle shape. Later on, the scar becomes not too apparent as it directly follows this natural line.

Once the surplus tissue and skin is removed, the wound is stitched and stitch is a zigzag stitch on the Axilla. After the operation, a bandage providing a slight pressure on the arm is applied.

Post-surgical period

After the surgery, the arms are lifted up for the first 2 days in order to prevent swelling. A bandage providing a slight pressure on the arm also accelerates decreasing the swelling. You must avoid doing heavy work that would exhaust your arms for 4 weeks later on.

Your advantage

Upper arm lifting is a very serious surgical operation and it helps you get beautiful arm lines and thus boost your confidence.
Especially after excessive weight loss, this surgery is a very wise choice for the happiness and comfort of many patients.

Thigh lifting operation

Thigh lifting operation is a surgical method offering a beautiful and natural thigh line. Especially female patients have complaints and feel uncomfortable about the thigh fats called riding breeches.

With saggy look on the inner upper legs, this situation result in a case where female patients are not satisfied with their aesthetical expectations. As a result, they lose their confidence in their social lives.

The reasons for not having a good looking upper thigh lines are usually:

  • Age related saggy skin and fatty tissue
  • Weak genetic tissues such as collagen tissues
  • Structurally underdeveloped upper leg muscle system
  • Loss of excessive weight

These are the reasons making a surgical operation necessary as it is not accomplished with physical activities and trainings or diet.

The course of the operation

Thigh line lifting is applied via liposuction decreasing the fat on the outer thighs known as the riding breeches.

The real thigh lifting and shaping is applied on the inner upper leg. Before the surgery, the surgeon shows the incision line to the standing patient. The scars will later be in parallel to pubic region. The surplus skin and fat is removed via a fusiform application according to the individual structure of the patient.

The incision size depends on the amount of tissues to be removed. Thigh tissue is lifted and shaped once the extra skin is removed and stitches are applied.

The surgery takes 2 hours and it is performed under complete anaesthesia. It is also possible to apply anaesthesia on the lower body, only.

Post-surgical period

As there might be irregularity in the healing process, it is very important to have the long scars controlled regularly. You may have a shower 2 days later than the surgery and this is also suggested to keep the area clean.

The patient has to avoid sportive activities for the first 2 weeks and then start a slight and supportive training, slowly.

A compress treatment is generally applied via a compressing corset reinforcing the desired upper leg contour.