Cyber Knife Turkey Istanbul Antalya Izmir Bursa Adana

Cyber Knife Turkey Istanbul Antalya Izmir Bursa Adana


CyberKnife is known as the world’s first and only robotic radio surgery system to cure any types of cancer in the whole body with highly sensitive precision, even to within a millimeter. With this system, cancerous regions in the brain or in the body can be treated with high doses by using radiation beams focally. Moreover, normal tissues can be protected at maximum levels against side effects of radiation

Cyberknife device is a developed linear accelerator fitted on robots used in the industrial sector. Cyberknife is the product of a novel technology which uses radiation clusters focally, delivering high doses of treatment to the cancerous areas of the brain and the body, while allowing for maximum protection of normal and healthy tissues. In the computer-controlled robot technology Cyberknife System, the treatment device revolves around the patient as if doing a dance routine and completes the treatment by radiating from hundreds of different angles. Its accuracy in radiating the targeted area is around 0.95 mm.

How Does CyberKnife Treat Lung Cancer?

When treatment takes place over the course of more than one session, it is called “Stereotactic Radiotherapy”; if it is applied in one single fraction, it is called “Stereotactic Radiosurgery. In cyberknife applications, the target is primarily identified through advanced diagnostic methods. The most superior advantage of this method is its ability to take notice of the movements of the patient and his organs during treatment and radiate accordingly.

The cyberknife device is routinely equipped with “Image-Guide Radiotherapy” capacity, a method developed in recent years to provide images during treatment. In organ tumors which get displaced with respiration in particular (lung and liver tumors), it is the only device which can actively monitor the respiratory movements and provide simultaneous treatment.

In selected patients, cyberknife is used in the treatment of lung cancers, prostate cancers, head and neck cancers, vertebrae tumours, pancreas cancers and lower numbers of bodily metastases.

The cyberknife device installed at Maslak Acıbadem Hospital is superior to other devices in the country because it is equipped with an iris collimator and a special deluxe treatment bed. While these new methods increase therapeutic comfort, treatment time is reduced as well.