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The Truebeam STx device has been supplemented with a second and more sensitive system that places the patient in treatment position and does respiration monitoring, position control and correction. Thanks to this supplemental system called Novalis- ExacTrac a 6 dimensional position correction is possible. Radiotherapy under the guidance of stronger imaging and the application of rays on the targeted volume with a lower margin are possible with TrueBeam. Thus we are one step closer to preventing healthy tissues from being applied with radiation. With new radiation production and application options designed differently from other treatment devices, the doors have been opened to a whole new era of cancer treatment.

All new radiotherapy techniques are provided in a single device

TRUEBEAM STx for the treatment of tumors in Turkey

  • While the device can do any type of simple radiation, it also has a conformal technique to shape radiation according to the tumor structure, IMRT (intensity adjusted radiotherapy) and IGRT (image guided radiotherapy) techniques as well as RapidArc (a volume based intensity adjustable treatment that shortens the patient’s treatment period) and radio-surgery methods with the most sensitive imaging and application abilities.
  • The Radio-surgery (SRS) technique, which focuses on a target in three dimensions with a high dose and is therefore able to achieve the same results as removing the target with surgery, can also be done with TrueBeam STx.
  • The SBRT technique in which tumors with a small volume in any part of the body are safely treated in less sessions (3-5 sessions) is also possible with this device.
Truebeam STx Turkey

Truebeam STx Turkey

Healthy tissues are protected and the treatment period is shortened by 4 to 8 times

The most important feature of the device is that it can provide faster, safer and more effective treatment. With this device it is possible to determine a target with accuracy under 0.5mm and apply radiation to it within a very short time. Thanks to this feature of the device that enables it to deliver a very high dose in one session, it is possible to achieve successful applications in short total treatment periods of 3-5 sessions rather than 25-35 sessions. The treatment being reduced by 4 to 8 times also reduces the amount of time that the patient has to be in a certain position without moving during the radiation. Thus the uncertainties caused by the tumors movements during the patient’s treatment are reduced to a minimum. The radiotherapy being able to focus on the center of the target means that healthy tissues get less radiation. Also the ability of the device to monitor respiration while radiation is being applied in organs that require respiration like the lungs, the liver and breasts, less healthy tissues are damaged and a higher dose is able to be given.

It checks the accuracy of the application at millisecond intervals

The device, which is the highest technological model of linear acceleration devices still being used in radiotherapy, applies the whole treatment through computer control. The system reduces human error to a minimum and checks the accuracy of the application throughout the treatment with millisecond interval checks by the collimator system located in its brain to make sure that the patient is treated as planned. The collimator system in the device makes sure that the radiation is constantly checked so that the patient is able to receive treatment in the most accurate form. The systems that display the treatment table and the patient’s position operating in synchronization increases the speed and accuracy of patient positioning.

Provides treatment for all tumors that require radiotherapy

All tumors that require radiotherapy can be treated safely with this device. It is especially useful for tumors located in the head and small volume tumors in the body and next to risky organs. It provides a suitable method for treating lung and spinal tumors and for second series radiation therapy. Radiotherapy with Gamma Knife device treatment accuracy quality is applicable with this device on tumors located in the head which are not suitable for Gamma Knife device treatment because of their size and location.

Truebeam STx Istanbul

Truebeam STx Istanbul

What are the advantages?

As a technological device of the highest level in cancer treatment, TrueBeam STx provides the patient with very important advantages.

  • It makes it possible to treat the tumor with a high dose in a very short time. The radiation therapy period that is reduced with the ability to apply radiation in a very short time, increases the accuracy of the treatment and the comfort of the patient.
  • The Image quality is very high. Thus radiologists are able to see small details better.
  • Also with the help of the IGRT (image guided radiotherapy) systems, the exact adjustment of the target position can be done with more sensitivity and in a shorter period.
  • The added radiation given to patients by imaging systems is 25 percent less with this system.
  • Mechanical accuracy being under a millimeter is vital in terms of focusing rays on the target accurately. This is what makes it possible for the treatment of the patient to be done according to plan.
  • The ability of the mechanical system to move faster than the other devices reduces the treatment period by 4 to 8 times.