Check-ups Tours Cappadocia Turkey


Check-up tour programms in Cappadocia

What could make make more fun! Wondering amazing Cappadocia and having a check up in the mean time!  Combine now health and vacation in fairy tails!

We have two different check-up tour programms with 3 nights accomodation in 5* hotel and airport transfers.

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What will you wonder in Cappodocia?

    • Üçhisar Castle
    • Göreme Outdoor Museum
    • Love Valley
    • Hot Hair Balloon Ride
    • Avanos Pottery Workshops
    • Pasabagi Valley Fairy Chimneys
    • Devrent Valley
    • Göreme Panorama
    • Derinkuyu Underground City
    • Ihlara Valley
    • Belisirma Village
    • Selime Monastery
    • Güvercinlik Valley
    • Onys Workshops
    • 3 Night accomodation in Hilton Hotel

What included in the check-up programms?
You have two options, Standard or Executive packege.

WasHow much doe check ups tours cost in Cappadocia Turkey?
The Standard package costs 1500 €, The Executive 2500 €

Do I have also discounts?

–When you come for two you pay for each 250 € (by Standard) or 500 € (by Executive) less!

– when you come with one accompany person, costs for this person only 500 € more.

Where are the check-ups to be proceed?

Cappadocia Hospital

Cappadocia Hospital

Your check-ups take place in the modern private Cappadocia Hospital. The hospital was founded in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurial doctors. With its opening, the hospital, which has met with more than expected interest, is mobilizing all the means in its power to earn the favor of our people. The hospital without overtime is on duty 365 days a year with its 24-hour emergency service and all its specialists who support the emergency service. Except for public holidays, it is open on Saturday, including 31 doctors in 18 branches, 25 polyclinics, 4-bed coronary, 4-bed internal, 3-bed surgical intensive care and 10 incubators neonatal intensive care, with foreign-language-speaking tourism department.

We offer these packages in cooperation with local service provider HealthofGlobal.

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