Nose Correction



Rhinoplasty / nose remodelling in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum

Nose has a significant role in personal communication as it is the central organ on the face.

Therefore, abnormalities in shape and size might be visible to a great extent and becomes a great problem for the person.

In rhinoplasty, remodelling is possible without visible scars and this will make you feel more confident. The reason might be small but the effect is huge!

Reasons for treatment

Deformation due to natural reasons or an accident as well as correction of roman or big noses.


Nowadays, modern aesthetic plastic surgery has the ability to remodel the nose in a positive way.

Natural results on nose correction in Turkey

In order to have symmetrical result, eyelids are completely measured.

In order to correct the droopy eyelids, a crescent shape skin is taken and extra fat tissue is removed. Later on, the wound is closed via stitches on the eyelid line so that they become invisible.

In order to correct the lower eyelids, the cut is about two millimetres below the eyelashes line. Then the extra fat and the fat causing the eye bags are removed.

Post-surgical period

After this surgical operation, your eye will swell a bit and bruises might appear. About a week later, there will be no sign of bruises or stitches.

In order to decrease swelling, you may apply humid compresses or cooling ice bags on the first days. Stitches are removed between 5 or 6 days after the surgery.


Once your eyes regain a fresh, young and lively look, you will gain a bright new enthusiasm to live. In general, the results of eyelid correction results are permanent.