Sports Medicine


The Acıbadem Hospital Group offers the highest quality of edical and surgical treatment for sports-related injuries in state-of-the-art facilities staffed by leading sports medicine practitioners and researchers.

Through delivery of excellence in sports medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery, cardiopulmonary medicine, exercise physiology, applied biomechanics, and algology, Acıbadem Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic caters to the needs of national and international sports clubs and federations, as well as those of amateur and professional athletes.

Acıbadem provides a full range of services from the prevention treatment of injuries to performance improvement. The Clinic offers clinical support, knowledge, and facilities to maximize the training and competitive potential of amateur and professional athletes. Tailor-made exercise and education programs include fitness assessment and support services such as nutrition and dietetics, psychology, physiology and physical training. It also treats sports injures and provides check-up services for athletes.

Expert Treatment and Facilitation of a Quick Recovery

The treatment procedures carried out the specialists of Acıbadem Sports Clinic enable athletes to return to their professional careers faster.

Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Sports Medicine Center provides the full-range of evidence-based diagnostic and treatment services in the fields of sports medicine and surgery at international standards.

Sports Medicine

The sports Medicine discipline is staffed by two physicians of sports medicine and an exercise physiologist. The physicians have experience as consultant and group physicians for the Turkish national football team and leading football clubs. They have also served as consultant and group physicians for other sports lie basketball, volleyball, handball, wrestling, rowing, and tennis. The services offered by our sports medicine team are as follows:

The conducting evaluation of the medical examinations of football players; the execution of performance tests; and upon necessity, the referral of patients to the appropriate specialists for further testing.

The determination of predisposition to sports injuries through movement analysis in collaboration with applied biomechanics specialists3. The diagnosis of injuries and illnesses in cooperation and consultation with other medical specialists

The implementation of post-injury or illness rehabilitation programs and the insurance of a safe return to sports with maximum performance

The monitoring of the performance of sportsmen by exercise physiologists, trainers, coaches and assistance to athletes in reaching their maximum performance

The education of players on doping=related health concerns and anti-doping matters

creation of tailor=made exercise programs against obesity and a sedentary life style

Exercise Physiology

The exercise physiology discipline mainly applies to four different groups of patient and visitors: The first group is composed of healthy athletes receiving preventive or performance-oriented services such as performance assessment, exercise testing,prescription, counseling, etc. The second group is composed of amateur or professional active athletes in the process of returning to sports after an injury or surgery. The third group of patients are those with a sedentary lifestyle or those involved in recreational sports who receive diagnostic and functional capacity testing and services in exercise planning. The final group is composed of patients inflicted with achronic disease or conditions such as hypertension, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, or obesity.

Cardiopulmonary Medicine

Echocardiography, exercise, and rhythm laboratory services and non-invasive tests such as ambulatory blood pressure monitorization, interventions such as angiography, catheterization, cardiac electrophysiology, and ablation are performed in the Acıbadem Hospitals Group. To football players in specific, the Acıbadem offers the following services from a cardiological point of view:

  • Pre-game screening, and medical consultations before, during and after game season
  • A comprehensive medical treatment of identified problems
  • The evaluation of e patients with chronic illnesses desiring to exercise; the risk assessment, exercise planning, and determination of practice levels for such people bysports medicine and an exercise physiologist


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

With 1,000 m2 of indoor and 350 m2 of outdoor areas, the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM & R) Unit is designed to take care of each and every type of sports injury or health problemfrom its diagnosis to return of the athlete to the game. The PM & R team is responsible for the comprehensive medical evaluation of all athletes. Alongside orthopedists, sports physicians, and physiotherapists, it strives for the players to be back on track in the earliest time possible, and in the best medical and physical condition.

Physical Therapy

The team of physical therapists at Acibadem Sports Clinic are very experienced in all aspects of sports rehabilitation, with a specific focus on footbal, and have additional qualifications in osteopathy, manual therapy, and exercise physiology. The seventeen treatment boxes in two of the main divisions of the unit enable all kinds of modalities across a very wide spectra of PT. The Physical Therapy Unit is equipped with a rehabilitation and exercise pool that has accessories like hydro-massage and infinite pool, a treadmill with customized gravity control, an isokinetic system, balance evaluation & enhancing systems, ESWT treatment, and many other modalities. The FIFA-recommended 36-by-8-meter artificial grass field and the 40=by-1.65 meter running track are used both by football players and other athletes in the recovery and rehabilitation phases.

Applied Biomechanics

The Applied Biomechanics Unit uses high speed camera & motion analysis systems that enable the scientific evaluation of walking and other athletic movement abilities,patterns and skills. These are utilized not only by sportmen butalso by patient with myriadorthopedic and neurological disorders. As a result of these analyses;

  • The kinematics and biomechanics of the affected athlete can be explored and diagnosed, resulting in a more accurate treatment plan designed in accordance
  • The athletes can be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis, identifying any athlete prone to injury and taking the preventive measures necessary
  • Athletes can be prescribed the necessary exercises and dynamic orthosis based on the data gathered from the analysis. Scientific research & analyses can also be conducted using the data.
  • The unit provides specific experience and expertise in the assessment of walking and running, and the use of corrective materials like insoles for the correction of identified problems.



The algology Department assists in the treatment of football players through continuous nerve blocks, epidural interventions, symptomatic blocks, intra-discal and intervertebral applications, and neuro-ablative and neuromodulative techniques. The Clinic has all the necessary equipment and infrastructure for algology: an intervention room, stimulation devices, a lesion generator, cryotherapy, an ozone generator, scope and an operating room staffed 24/7. Both athletic and sedentary people visiting algology usually suffer from neck and back pain due to vertebral problems.

Dietetics & Nutrition

The Clinic has a designated dietitian to help and educate patients and amateur and professional athletes of all ages, fields of sports, and both gendersc. A dietitian evaluates the daily nutrition of the patients and provides recommendations upon necessity. He/she also consults athletes in need of weight control and plans ergogenic/nutritional supplementation strategies to achieve optimum performance. The expertise offered includegeneral meal planning, consultation for weight loss gain, or maintenance; the monitoring and evaluation of the body’s composition, hydration and electrolyte balanceeducation and planning of optimal nutrition before, during and after practice,competition, and recovery; and education on the planning of the smart use of supplements, threats of doping, and anti-doping issues.


The Clinic also has a designated psychologist who provides mental support, consultation, and supplementary psychology services to athletes, mainly before and after operations or to enhance atheletic performance of non-injured athletes. The patient/visitor population includes amateur and professional athletes of all ages, both genders, and across all fields ofsports.