Experiences of Dita Cecchin’ s in Istanbul on the 11th of September, 2012

Experiences of Dita Cecchin’ s in Istanbul on the 11th of September, 2012

– Bericht vom Monday, 22. October 2012

written on October 22nd, 2012
I have been wearing eye glasses for about thirty five years. My myopia got worse at young ages and I decided to have a surgery when it eventually became 5 or 5.5, 5 dioptre.

It is a very disturbing thing to wear eyeglasses during your daily life at all times. Those who wear eyeglasses regularly know that better ;-). I was wearing contact lenses on special occasions. I also had to wear these when I was skiing, riding a motorbike, in the sauna and when I used to sail on boat as I live in Bodensee lake. Yet, as my eyes dry quicker, I was feeling relieved. But without them, I was like a blind mole.

I always dreamt of a laser eye treatment that I could afford. However, I was also very afraid of the possible complications. To risk an already weakened eye sight via a surgery was a horrible thought.A few years later, there were great medical improvements and I started searching on the web when I almost decided to have a surgery. I looked for one in my own country, the Czech Republic and in a neighbouring country, Germany. Then, I saw Swisslasik. I really liked the honest and detailed style on their pages. When I saw the briefing night invitation in Zurich city, I decided to investigate further!

It was a very informative and formal night as I was accompanied by my encouraging husband. I was completely convinced by the qualified and sincere attitude of Mr. Karaagacli, the company manager, and MD. B. Cosar. It was all very comfortable, informative and fluent; I didn’t feel under pressure even for a minute. I said “yes, I am feeling comfortable and peaceful here” to myself. By the way, after a short period of time, a friend of mine told me how happy one of his colleagues is as he regained his sight in Istanbul thanks to Swisslasik ;-).

My husband and I were thinking of sailing on the southern coasts of Turkey in autumn; so I decided to combine them all in a practical way: a great time sailing, then my laser eye treatment and of course, meeting this famous city called Istanbul!

Our communication with Swisslasik was really perfect from the very beginning. It was really problem-free and very quick. Soon, I had the appointment I wished for. Soon after the travel, I received my Swisslasikpass as every other patient; including my personal data, appointments and some very useful for my accommodation in Istanbul. Everything we need was in this tiny booklet. Great! Now it was time to start the journey.

After a very enjoying sailing adventure, Tolga called me. He has been my companion and translator since the first day we came to Istanbul. He greeted me and asked how I feel a short while before the surgery. It was a very polite behaviour. We had our own hotel reservation as there were other sailors with us. It was the Nena hotel in the old city centre of Istanbul. I definitely recommend it. That great view on the breakfast terrace was unforgettable.

The other day, at about 7 in the morning, the vehicle sent by the hospital came and took me to the hospital. When we arrived, I was very surprised to see a very modern and clean hospital. I wasn’t expecting such a high quality standard, to tell you the truth. It was a very pleasant feeling.

A while ago, my own ophthalmologist said that my eyes were available for laser treatment; therefore I didn’t have the detailed pre-examination in Switzerland. I was very glad when my doctor’s diagnosis was confirmed by Acibadem hospital. Tolga, who welcomed me at the hotel entrance, did not leave me alone during this whole process and he really helped me. He was a very polite person and he is also a very active and talent organiser giving me comfort and peace.

All my values were fine and I was able to be operated on the same day, afternoon. I was very comfortable when I learnt that my surgeon was going to be MD Banu Cosar whom I knew from the briefing night in Zurich. Her positive and sincere approach and attitude actually really affected and comforted me. All operational stages were expressed in details and it was translated from English to German in case needed. Before the surgery, I even had the opportunity to see a small, modern and clean operation room. My eyes were locally anaesthetized by eye drops; no injection was needed.

The surgery was complete in a very short period of time such as fifteen minutes and I experienced the professional and meticulous work of all operation team. Even wearing the eyelid holder was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. The instructions of my companion who always accompanied me at all times were really helpful. Laser applied on each eye was very short; I think it was like twenty seconds. It was completely tolerable. There was no pain but just an odd feeling. The eyes were being humidified for comforting purposes. I went to the waiting room once the surgery was complete. I was almost like having a clear vision after a slight fog. It was an amazing feeling. I had a stinging feeling on my eyes for a very short time and they started to stream. Half an hour later, the doctor checked my eyes and it was alright. I could now go to the hotel and rest via the taxi waiting for me. I was shocked when I discovered how clearly I could see while watching outside with the protective eyeglasses I was wearing. As I have just arrived the hotel, I dropped the first eye drops and I got comfortable and had a nice sleep.

After three hours of sleep, I felt like I was reborn… I had no complaints and had NEW EYES that could see!!! I never thought it was going to be that easy 😉 We had a night out in Istanbul for a fine dinner, and of course, by wearing protective eyeglasses. 

I was taken to the hospital in the morning the other day. Left eye was perfect and there was a slight allergic reaction on the right eye. I had no pain but I felt a slight difference between two eyes. MD Cosar comforted me by saying that this is sometimes expected and she calmed me down by saying that I need to be more patient. The brain is going to complete the balancing function. Other than that, values were really fine. I was thinking of having my medical checks by my own ophthalmologist.

For the next two days, we managed to enjoy the splendid beauties of Istanbul. What we have seen and experienced were amazing. Mosques, parks, the Bosporus and its intense sea traffic, hospitality of the people, great restaurants, tea houses and bazaars… A unique combination of an unforgettable experience and a surgical appointment. Wait for me Istanbul, I am coming again!

Now I can tell this to anyone who is still afraid of having a surgery: Build up your
courage, you won’t regret! Besides, it was an incredible price. I am enjoying every day thanks to my new sight and I sincerely thank Swisslasik for this new life quality of mine.