High Service/Best Results

High Service/Best Results

– Bericht vom Saturday, 22. March 2014

I just came back with my family from Istanbul. Like my topic says “High Service/Best Results. I would like to share my story to you and hopefully you make the step for Eye laser in Istanbul through MedicalTravel.

Last year a family member, who lives in Switzerland, has lasered his eyes in Istanbul, all organised by MedicalTravel. He told me about the great service and organisation. And he was right, everything is organised for you.

Three weeks ago, me and my family, travelled to Istanbul. When we arrived at the airport, the driver stood by the exit. He held a board with my name on it. The driver brings us to the hotel, very good and friendly hotel. On the day of my appointment, the driver picked us up from the hotel, correct on time, and bring us to the Hospital.

The Acibadem Hospital is a very highs tender hospital. We came in the hospital and there we were, welcomed by the mediator. He guided us to the whole process. He speaks English and German very good. The pre-examination takes about 90 minutes. Then there was the meeting with the Doctor, she explained the options about Lasik/Lasek/PKR. My cornea was a little bit thin so the best option was Lasek.

The surgery was 90 minutes later so the mediator brings us to the restaurant. Very good restaurant and there was a playground for the children. Our children played there the whole 90 minutes. Then the mediator picked us up from the restaurant, on time, for the surgery. Total time surgery is 30 minutes and everything went well. I get my glasses on and the eye drops. Then the driver brings us back to the hotel. After the surgery you have a burning feeling in the eyes. It feels like sand/ cutting unions.

Next day, I have no pain at all. Final-check. There are no words to describe the feeling when you see sharp without your glasses/lenses, it’s amazing. The mediator was already waiting for us by the entrance of the Hospital. You feel so welcome. We were waiting for 2 minutes and the nurse calling my name for the meeting with the doctor. Results, I see 100 percent with both eyes.

The days after we had the time to see Istanbul, You must visit, the beautiful Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace, Suleyman Mosque, The Galata bridge and don’t forget the boat tour Bosporus.

In short: SwissLasik organised for you the whole packages (flight, hotel, hospital, travel etc.) with great personal service. You can ask them everything. You will get your answers quickly, well spoken with great advice.

Back in the Netherlands I will visit the eye doctor for the checks up after surgery.

This was my experience with Eye laser and MedicalTravel. Best regards Natasja K.