My dental treatment in Istanbul

My dental treatment in Istanbul

– Bericht vom Saturday, 06. August 2011

Patient’s condition and background at the beginning:

I always had problem with my teeth and especially with my gum. Therefore, annual dental check and dental cleaning was an indispensable obligation for me. After my 45th birthday, gum disease became visible. Dental bearing loss in gum disease starts with the bones and tissue and bond and then move towards gum. Dentist aimed at stopping this as much as possible. This was followed by a dental cleaning for six months and then by a periodontal curettage with open treatment stages. During these treatments, relevant sections are surgically opened and cleaned and periodontal pockets were filled with spare periodontal material. Although this was very expensive, the result was not successful and at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, incisors on upper and lower jaw were swinging.

Once calculating the costs for the most reasonable solution – that is the removable bridge prosthesis for upper and lower jaw, each consisted of at least four teeth- ; I decided to find a more certain and reasonable solution as these bridges will not fix the real problem and will cost about 12.000,00 CHF. As a result of certain examinations, the most reasonable choice will be fixed spare teeth and implants. This was closer to what I was thinking for as I wasn’t feeling myself ready for fake teeth yet, because of my age.

Estimate cost in Switzerland was 70.000,00 CHF.

I had some acquaintances who had very good results for a more reasonable price
abroad (such as Hungary and Germany). Therefore, I received offers from dental treatment suppliers in Hungary, Germany and Istanbul. I found the relevant addresses on the internet, along with other information. I had three addresses I wished to receive more detailed information. Two of them were in Hungary and one of them was in Istanbul.

The reason why I decided to have my treatment in Istanbul via Swisslasik is that I visited this company at their own booth in St. Gallen vacation fair and they gave me the impression that they were very good and qualified. They also provided reference addresses and I had an idea by contacting one of them. In addition, I also enjoyed that Swisslasik organized all the details including flight, hotel, and transfer etc. on your behalf. In addition, I also had personal connections who had their laser eye treatments with Swisslasik and who could provide me with details on the process.

The 1st Istanbul visit (5 days), three sessions:
My husband and I took a direct flight to Istanbul on March 29th, 2011 and we were welcomed by a driver who will take us to the dental hospital. – Tuesday evening: pre-examination, x-rays, discussing the method to be applied -Thursday evening: 28 teeth of mine were taken out and temporary prosthesis applied. -Saturday afternoon: medical check and correction on the prosthesis before going home

Dentist Bilhan welcomed us warmly with his fluent English and at that moment I was relieved of my fears. Anaesthesia was really fine and I felt no pain. Then I was given pain killers to feel relieved during my first visit to Istanbul. The only problem was the problem of English communication during the correction procedure on the prosthesis before our return as Dr Bilhan was not available. However, Ms. Selda Arat had a very delicate and exquisite work despite that.

Medical check at the dental clinic in Zurich: I took this opportunity as I was supposed to travel to USA for a one week vacation after our trip to Istanbul. Everything was checked again and the remaining stitches were removed. As swallowed areas were disappearing, prosthesis started to move. Therefore, they prepared a soft support there immediately and I really felt very comfortable with this.

I was able to eat almost everything, even a steak. I went to Zurich once more when
we returned from the holiday and they confirmed that the recovery was really fine. They also had an x-ray in order to make sure that there is no inflammation in depths. Thank God, it was all alright. There was a very qualified treatment, information and consultancy service in Zurich, as well.
The 2nd Istanbul visit (in July, 7 days), three sessions: I was accompanied by my sister, that time. We were taken from the hospital to the dental office.

  • Saturday evening: placing the implants, structuring the bone, antibiotic treatment
  • Wednesday evening: medical check, setting up temporary prosthesis
  • Saturday morning: removing the stitches and placing temporary prosthesis

Dentist Bilhan started to place the implants. According to the plan, 6 implants were going to be placed on the upper jaw and the other 6 was going to be placed on the lower jaw. However, the procedure lasted a little bit longer as it required a bone restructuring on the upper jaw. I was again anaesthetized in order not to feel pain
and this was repeated for the lower jaw.

However, dealing with all of this at once was psychologically a bit too much. I was sitting on the dentist’s chair for almost three hours. However, Dentist Bilhan recommended me to complete the upper jaw this time and visit him again for the lower jaw. This wasn’t what I wanted. I thought I could have it all finished on a single day. Equipped with antibiotics and pain killers, I managed to taste the joy of summer in Istanbul. Before I go back home, stitches were removed on Saturday and corrections were made.

Despite all, I am very glad to have teeth that I do not have to remove all the time. And I hope this is my last dental visit in the long run.

The 3rd visit to Istanbul This visit will be in January 2012. I will have my dental crowns set and I hope I will be comfortable for a couple of decades. Although people in Switzerland have a doubt against dentists abroad, I actually enhanced my own courage and I do not regret. Istanbul has a very good reputation in terms of general dentistry and the prices are one third of the ones in Switzerland. If I have to be honest, visits to the dentists in Switzerland are also not pain free and you also feel another pain when you see the bill!

I found Swisslasik organizations very professional and hotels were very good (I stayed once at Levent Hotel and once at Taksim Hotel). People are cheerful and friendly. We were welcomed at the airport to be taken to the hospital and we were taken from the hospital to our hotel again. The driver was very punctual for every appointment.

Between the sessions, we had time to see Istanbul and its surroundings. There are so many places to see such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar. You mustn’t forget the islands, as well.

Finally, I would like to thank you all and I guarantee you that I will always recommend your company. I already did actually …
Marlis Koch, Engelburg, August 6th, 2011