My liposuction surgery in Istanbul Acibadem Hospital

My liposuction surgery in Istanbul Acibadem Hospital

– Bericht vom Sunday, 07. August 2011

written on August 07, 2011 Monday

I was being disturbed by the fat in my hips and thighs for a very long time. I couldn’t slim these areas no matter which diet or sport I tried. I was making a web research on surgeries. I looked through the consequences and possible risks very carefully. I found too many positive experiences written by the patients. Results looked truly perfect. Then, I also decided to have a liposuction. Now the only thing to do was to find the right surgeon. A colleague of mine had been to Istanbul for eye surgery; that gave me the idea of going to Istanbul for a surgical operation. I also liked the idea of being on vacation and coming back from it as a changed person. I requested information on the surgeon from Swisslasik and they immediately send me his resume. As far as I could see, Mr. Sukru Yazar was the best address for aesthetic surgeries.

First, I found the idea of being operated in Turkey a little weird; yet, when I thoroughly considered it, the risks were equally the same everywhere.A virtual tour was available for the hospital and at first sight, I was really impressed. Then I decided to have a surgery and I applied.

We flew to Istanbul from Zurich with my colleague. The driver of Acibadem Hospital met me at the airport and took me to the hospital for my pre-examination by the surgeon. At the hospital, my companion, Seyma, welcomed me. She could only speak English but as I am very fluent in English, that was not a problem. After giving my ID information, I was at my appointment with the surgeon. He looked at my body and showed me where he should remove the fat and told me the risks once more. We also talked about narcosis; and as I did not favour narcosis and anaesthesia expert also came. I requested local anaesthesia. Then they took my blood and I was taken back to my hotel. Driver picked me up at 07.00 and took me to the hospital on the other day. They showed me my room and when I was settling in, the doctor came and he marked the areas where the fat was to be absorbed. Then narcosis expert came and he discussed the narcosis type I would like to have with me. I was taken to the operation room soon. I was given narcosis and I was half asleep. I didn’t feel the surgery at all. I was woken up 2 hours later and they told me that the operation ended. I stayed in the awakening room for a while and then the nurse took me to my room. I was feeling very good but a little dizzy. A couple of hours later, Mr Sukru Yazar came to be informed about my well-being; he asked me whether I was in pain or not. I was given a serum including pain killers and I was also given food. As it is important to stand up after the surgery, a nurse came and helped me stand up. I was a little dizzy until I went to the restroom, but I was able to walk. The nurses were all very sincere and paid a lot of attention to me. Although we had sometimes difficulty while communicating, thanks to gestures, we overcame anything. Late hours in the evening, I was able to walk on my own. I stayed at the hospital for a night and I was able to see my hips and thighs for the first time. As it was all covered in bruises, I managed to see that there was a significant change on my hips and I was very glad. They gave me a prescription and described me how I was going to take my medicine. Then a young lady brought my medicine to me. When it was the time to leave the hospital, the driver took me to my hotel. I can say I was very glad with the hospital. The service was excellent and the single room was just like that of a hotel’s. It was really perfect!

I was very tired all day but I walked from time to time. I started to feel the pain now. It was similar to muscle stiffness.

The night was fine thanks to the medication. I took a shower the other day. Everything was just fine but the pain was going on and the movements were very stiff. Surgery spots were looking very gross. But as I was informed very well, I knew this was all normal. I event saw the Grand Bazar on the same day but I got tired very quickly and I was very relieved when we went back to the hotel.

I flew to Switzerland the other day. The flight was fine and I was glad to come back home. I could get rid of the special clothing they gave me and have a bath. The pain was significantly less and I could move much better. I had a great sleep after travel.

Today, 4 weeks later than the surgery, I do not feel any pain and I do not have any bruises. Scars are so small that they are almost invisible. Although it is too early to see the final results, I am glad to see what I am looking at!
Jeanette Kramer