My Nose-op in istanbul- turkey testimonial


– Bericht vom Thursday, 20. December 2018

After researching various beauty clinics on the Internet, the homepage of medical travel impressed me the most.

I was interested in a nose tip correction. In order to get advice, I was able to have a personal conversation with the doctor to be treated, Professor Ersoy, by Mr. Kara in Zug.

After the conversation, I needed some time to think it over again.

By agreement, Mr. Kara has organized the whole journey for me; Flight, hotel, hospital stay, interpreter.

I was glad I did not have to worry about anything in this regard. And everything worked perfectly.

I was always picked up very punctually from the hotel. The hotel was excellent very spacious rooms and excellent breakfast.

The operation itself in the hospital went well. After the surgery, I once stayed in the hospital, which was also necessary after the general anesthetic. The room is very nice and absolutely clean.

The first seven days, the nose was plastered. After a week this was removed and a special patch attached. All threads removed.

After taking off the patch, the nose was still a few days swollen and the final result is coming. For me, the result was not immediately apparent, so I was a bit disappointed at first.

But now after six weeks in Istanbul I am very satisfied and see very well that the nose is finer.

After the operation, antibiotics and analgesics were given to me and I paid separately. All in all, everything is very well organized and absolutely professional.

For me, the operation was worth it.
Kind regards

Claudia Rudolf