Service, organization, a sensational hospital and great price!!!

Service, organization, a sensational hospital and great price!!!

– Bericht vom Tuesday, 06. November 2012

November 06, 2012 Tuesday A year ago, I met someone from my post-education course who went to Istanbul with the help of Swisslasik for his eye operation. He told me a lot and soon, some other classmates went to Istanbul together. They were all very pleased and they really admired the place. As I was 46, I had to buy Varilux eyeglasses for myself and that was supposed to cost me about 1.000 CHF. And I had to buy a new one in every 4 or 5 years. At that moment, it all became very clear to me; I was going to have a laser eye treatment.My choice was clear as I heard so many good things about Swisslasik. We went to Zurich and on the briefing night event, I learnt the details. We were informed very well and received satisfactory answers for all our questions and we went back with our conscious clear.

A week later, I contacted with Mr. Karaagacli and he sent us the offers. Then, I had a reservation for 3. My son, my daughter and I.Eventually, it was the 13th of October, time to travel; and we were all very happy. We had a very fine flight and a true gentleman welcomed us at the airport. Our hotel was at the city centre; it was a clean, calm and cute hotel. We discovered the city for 3 days and on Thursday; it was the time for my treatment. Hospital’s taxi took us from the hotel in the morning and once we arrived there, a fine gentleman speaking fluent my language welcomed us and as of that moment, he never left us alone. We asked every single question we thought of and we were feeling very comfortable and peaceful despite the treatment that waits. Excitement was usual of course but it all went well.
After some examinations and tests, we had a final conversation with our doctor. He was a very fine gentleman with a soft comforting voice; so I always felt that I was in good hands. Surgery took 8 minutes at most. Excitement, stress, and fireworks before your eyes… it all ended so quickly. Before the operation, they told me that lacrimation is expected for about 4 hours after the surgery and that light might disturb me or I might feel a slight stinging pain. But then, I was going to have a clearer vision. It all happened that way.The surgery was completely pain free and the next 4 hours was not really pleasant but it was tolerable.

We were taken back to the hotel and we slept for 2 hours. When we woke up, the world was completely different.We felt great the next day. We went shopping, of course while wearing sunglasses. It was truly wonderful.

My kid do not remember a day without eyeglasses but being able to see without wearing them was amazing but true!
I recommend Swisslasik to anyone. It all came out to be true.
Service, organization, a sensational hospital at a great price!!!

Martina Wälle