Treatments in turkey

Treatments in turkey

How about resting for a couple of days?

Thanks to our package program, you may have your eyes free from eyeglasses enjoying a vacation. When you stay in Turkey, your surgery will become an unforgettable memory for you that you will recall with a pleasing vacation, instead of the stress of a surgery. Every year, thousands of patients come to Istanbul, especially from Europe.

Thanks to the vacation you’ll have after your surgery, you will not only relieve yourself from the stress of a surgery but also have the opportunity to see this world city with your own healthy eyes. You will have your very first experience of a world city without the support of lenses or eye-glasses.

Get rid of your glasses with a trip to Istanbul

As it is advised not to work on the first days of surgery, you can spend this time with a city tour in Turkey.

Is this your first time in Istanbul? Please check Istanbul program prepared by SF on the road here!

Turkey is calling you! Please find information about the cities Opens internal link in current windowhere.

Did you know that Istanbul was in 2010 the capital city of cultures in Europe? You may find the detailed information here.