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Health tourism (Medical travel), which is also called medical trip, means visiting abroad countries for medical services.

Usually, these trips are combined with a vacation. The concept of medical tourism is not new. In the 4th century BC, Epidaurus was a center of praying and treatment for those visiting Anatolia all around the Mediterranean sea for the sake of healing and being relived from various diseases.

For a couple of decades, cures applied in the Dead Sea are considered as an accepted treatment method for skin diseases psoriasis and eczema.

Medical tourism does not mean that you have to admit a lower quality. An equal or even e better service expects you in Turkey.

Why to travel far?

There are several reasons for Health tourism. Some are long waiting periods to have an operation as this is the case in England, lacks of insurance coverage in USA, confidentiality in a surgery, temperature, environment, staff and a better climate.

Western people travel abroad especially for dental and aesthetic surgeries and the address they choose for eye laser treatments is particularly Turkey.

These are the services that are not covered by a medical insurance in Europa and therefore the price becomes significant. Treatment costs abroad are really below the tariff the Swiss hospitals and doctors demand, in general.

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